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The New Normal

What is normal? I can't speak for all artists but I've always been aware that I'm not quite like other people. I might see things in a different way and I find the most fulfilling way to express that is through art. Having said that, of course, everyone is different. Everyone has their own unique 'normal', but during the past six months the Covid-19 pandemic has been a common theme for us all and we've collectively had to adapt and overcome hurdles to navigate ourselves to a new normal. At the beginning of lockdown my new, enforced normal felt uncomfortable and a bit frightening (I couldn't paint!) I took a series of photographs to illustrate the missing people and how eerily quiet my town felt to me. I'm sorry for the people who have suffered and the people who struggle with the new restrictions. I hope we can all adapt as best we can and thrive again. Perhaps people pull together when they have a common enemy. Perhaps community spirit will be stronger. Perhaps when we wondered at how nature started to recover we'll learn from that and all make small changes to continue to protect our planet and ecosystem for the future generations, and in doing so creating fewer pandemics. I hope so.

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